About Us

Your Life Goals     If life can be described as an ocean we must cross without sinking (into despair), then we must find a vessel that is worthy enough to withstand the storms we will experience along the way. As crossing an ocean without a well-equipped, sturdy boat would be foolish, so crossing through life without a well-constructed B.O.A.T. would be foolish. That is, a well thought out and verifiable set of Beliefs, Opinions, Attitudes and Theology. Our very nature requires us to have an explanation of life, so we adopt beliefs by which we attempt to craft such an explanation. Our adopted beliefs then become our philosophy of life or the frame of reference by which we try to make sense of that which we encounter or expect to encounter throughout life. Everyone develops a B.O.A.T., but most do so without determining whether the “materials” utilized will actually withstand the tests of life. The greater the variance is between our philosophies of life and reality, the greater our inner tension.

     Come visit us or send us your inquiries. We look forward to being an assistance in your search for verifiable truth.